Things Needed for Surviving in College

When you leave home and get into college, you will probably spend a lot of time comparing feedback from those who already have some experience and advise something.
After all, every student finds out that he can predict many of his needs, but the most useful things he should buy are absent on the college packing list for girls. Let's check the things you need to survive in college.


An up-to-date student can't do without a computer or laptop: notes, essays, reports, and presentations isn't the whole list of assignments to be prepared by a student. During classes, you may use a voice recorder on your smartphone. The device will record all the information your teacher says while you are listening to the story.


Don't forget to take a pair of noise-canceling headphones as they might become indispensable things for you. You will be able to study in a dorm, despite all the loud noises surrounding you.

Portable Charging Unit

A portable charger might become your best friend. You will have days of constant hard study, and you will not always find free outlets nearby. The portable charger will definitely help you keep a working phone all day long.


Probably, you will have a little place to keep your clothing in the dorm room. That means you have to iron, which is not always convenient, so a little steamer will save you in the situation when you need to change clothes but have no time to iron.

Personal Hygiene Items

Keep in mind to include personal hygiene products in the list of the things needed. These are the following items: toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, shampoo, razor, tissues, sponge, etc.

Pharmacy Products

Don’t forget to take a little medical kit. It's recommended to take headache remedies, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs to treat toothache, an adhesive bandage, antihistamine medicines, etc.

Bed Organizer

Instead of getting out of bed whenever you need a pen, textbook, or chocolate bar, keep all your most necessities within reach. It's especially important to have such an organizer if you have to sleep on the second floor of a bunk bed in a dorm.

Desk Lamp

You might have no floor lamps or sconces in the dorm room, only the upper light. If you plan to study in the evening, it is better to get a desk lamp and not to spoil relations with neighbors who may be disturbed by the overhead light.

Sewing Kit

You will be surprised when you learn how many teenagers have never had to fix their clothes or sew a button. Learn how to sew; take a mini sewing kit, and you will learn to fix your torn clothes.

Earplugs and Sleep Mask

You will not always be lucky to sleep with the light off! Your neighbor may have a habit of going to bed after midnight, and you will have to get up at six in the morning. In that case, a sleep mask and earplugs and nothing will disturb you.