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How can you tell a good writing service from a poor one? How do you know that when you sign up with a writing service, asking for an essay paper, that you’ll actually get a quality piece? Many essay writing services say they’ll deliver authentic, quality work, but this doesn’t mean they will – some online companies will say anything in order to get your money! They’ll even plagiarize material, recycle essays or use other unsavory means to produce low-quality, unoriginal work. With such dishonest practices running rampant through the internet, how can students be assured that the essay company they chose is being truthful? How can you know if an essay writing service will truly deliver the results they promise?

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The answer is, unbelievably, quite simple: essay samples. Essay examples should be posted on any and all essay writing service sites, because they display the standard of quality upheld by the site. Now, many students may wonder: why would sample essays give me any idea as to the quality of the company? Many sites probably don’t put up their own, real work – or they simply put up the best of a bad bunch. Here’s how you can determine an essay writing service’s worth by their sample essays. First of all, copy a chunk from their essay examples. Run it through a search engine, plagiarism checker, or whatever you have available to compare it against other sources. If it turns of the essay samples are stolen from another location, you obviously shouldn’t trust that site! If it turns out the essay truly is original, don’t stop just there. Consider the quality of the essay. On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate it? Take that number and drop it one or two places. That should be the average standard of any essay produced by that company, if you’re assuming that they displayed only the ‘cream of the crop’ in their samples.

If essay writing companies put up many essay samples – like at – you have a better pool with which to gauge their quality. If essay companies don’t put up any samples, it’s best you avoid them – those are the ones most likely to be low-quality sites or complete scams. At, we believe very strongly in what essay samples can tell our clients, and that’s why we always make sure you provide some to prospective customers. Once you’ve seen the quality and care that goes in to our original writing, you’ll never want to go anywhere else! Check out our essay sample today by contacting our 24/7 customer support center!

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