Do you smoke nicotine?

Do you smoke nicotine? Do you know what happens when you inhale the flavorful smoke? Today’s kids are being hospitalized from the harshness of the Juul pods. Why is the age limit so young? In my opinion Juul pods are a sick addictive object that kills and injures.

When you smoke the Juul you are allowing these harsh dangerous chemicals inside your body. Causing harm to your lunges, heart and health. According to CNET a Juul pod consists of glycerol, nicotine salts, propylene glycol, benzoic acid and flavoring. The nicotine salts in the Juul pod vape juice are a type of nicotine that supposedly feels like you are smoking a cigarette when in haled. Juul pods are sold in a pack of four. Each of the pods consists of 5% or 3% of nicotine depending on which one you buy. The pod that consists of 5% is equal to one pack of cigarettes.

Do you have an addiction? Nicotine is a very addicting substance and it’s very hard to break. Many people say once you take a couple puffs of nicotine out start to get addicted and you feel like you need more. Yes they may have patches to help you quite smoking cigarettes but for Juul pods or vape pens people say “it’s nothing like a cigarette”. Well they are wrong it might be worse then a cigarette. Why you may ask well because the Juul pods are made for you to take puffs whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about the smell or the ashes so you sit there in class or at work puffing on the Juul. How many puffs do you think you take a day or even in an hour. If you are addicted and trying to quite you can reduce that amount of puffs you take. Or leave it at home locked away or just get ride of it for good and start a healthy life.

In the United States there are more and more people getting hospitalized from hitting the Juul. When you inhale you are putting many chemicals in your body damaging your heart, lunges and organs. Many user experience a difference in their heart rate and blood pressure. When you smoke the Juul it starts to turn your lungs into this crystal like structure that causes your lunges to collapse. According to health line there have been 5 deaths in 5 different states. Health line also shows the symptoms of Juuling for many people it’s different but it’s usually starts off with a cough, shortness of breath, a decrease in weight and nausea. These symptoms may develop within a couple weeks or a couple of months.

The majority of the consumer are young men and women. They are as young as middle school children. The doctors are seeing that the majority of the people Juuling are in the age range of 14 to about 26. This puts a standstill for athletes trying to make it to play college sports. If you’re an athlete you know how hard it is to run without loosing your breath but imagine loosing your breath because a Juul. Yes I get it everyone wants to fit in and be on the same trend as everyone else. But you don’t have to follow in other people foot steps you can be a leader and say no.

In my personal opinion I strongly believe that Juul pods should be band. Not just because I don’t smoke them but because they are a dangerous and harsh thing that you are doing. You want to live your life to the fullest right? Well I’ll tell you what puffing an a Juul damaging you lungs isn’t cool. Please quite well you can and save your money for a better cause.