Material Science and Engineering is a diverse field that I have always admired and joining Montana Tech to study the course of my dreams will be the greatest achievement. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant at Montana State University Northern, I participated in several projects that have made me enthusiastic in knowing more about the nature of different materials. The study of materials and their modifications is a boost to different fields of technology from experimentation to mass production of products.

Energy has played a fatal role in the society. It is the same energy that has fostered growth has brought critics on a global level on the effects of energy and climate change. I am enthusiastic and optimistic that as a material science student, I will be able to understand the major ways to find a long lasting solution to this menace. This is through working on finding adequate and reliable sources of energy that are economic and environmental friendly. Understanding and utilizing nanotechnology in analyzing behavior and paths of different chemicals can lead to a breakthrough in energy creation.

Civil engineering has taught me as an undergraduate student that the strength of a particular material determines the lifespan of a structure. Creation of materials can easily be achieved through deep research of metals and alloys. I want to be involved in a field where I can get the opportunity to challenge and even research on long lasting solution of failures as a result of unrealistic and inadequate metals and polymers involved in the process. 

Montana Tech has always been a dream school for me since I was a young kid in high school back in Kenya. Montana Tech has a strategic location that is suitable for any student to live and accomplish their academic goals, I want to accomplish my academic goals is such a competitive environment. Nationally, Montana Tech has always been high up in the scale as the best engineering school, obtaining a master’s degree from a nationally ranked and recognized school is a dream come true for me. 

Montana Tech has a diverse and highly qualified faculty in the department of Material Science and Engineering. I am confident that working under them will help me scale up new levels of technological discoveries. Through these highly qualified professors that Montana Tech will allow me to work with, I will be able to achieve my professional goal of being an engineer and scientist who can help solve some problems facing the world.